Alyssa O'Brien | Compliance Analyst

On the Leadership Essentials Program

"Leadership Essentials reinforced the notion that leadership has no title. Each module built upon that foundation and acted as a spring board to my leadership journey. My journey is focused on how I show up, how I communicate and connect with others, and ultimately the impact that I will have throughout my career."

On her greatest achievement and who she most admires

"Leading a cross-functional team at Vail Resorts to select an enterprise-wide software solution to meet the organization's growing need for sustainable governance, risk and compliance efforts."

I most admire the people in my life who have endured personal tragedies, great challenges, and extremely difficult situations. These people have handled challenges without fear and self-loathing, while exuding strength and grace under great adversity. This is difficult to maintain through life, but there are a select few who have earned my utmost admiration for it."

Kyle White | Senior Merchant Specialist

On his greatest achievement and the Leadership Essentials Program

"Currently, my shining achievement at Vail Resorts is partnering with TAG to create a valuable solution for the employee referral program. In the next testimonial, this will be updated to read about the Epic Insiders Ambassador program. It is easy to grow complacent but my ambitions to help bring Vail Resorts into the top 10 for Fast Company’s rankings will not allow me to slow down. The leadership classes helped embolden these ambitions into action.

By encouraging the data integrity team to take the leadership essentials classes, we have seen a more solution-driven approach that is more strategic and in sync. One of my mentors used to say, how will you make a difference today? Now, leveraging the Leadership Essentials courses, I know how to specifically make an impact with coworkers, friends, and family."

On who he admires most and why

"Jim Fuller shows up to work every day with a smile on his face, prepared to drive our Alpine business to new levels. Mr. Fuller maintains a high level of success by empowering and developing his team but also goes out of his way to engage with other teams. Jim is a model of consistency and success for Vail Resorts that I hope to replicate in my career. Jim’s embodiment of Vail’s Values empowers those around him making the entire Retail division a better place to work and a thriving corporate entity."

Tamika Quewon | Sr. Analyst - Internal Audit

On the Leadership Essentials and Ascent Programs

"Awareness is the word that I would use to describe my leadership journey. Taking the Leadership Essentials and Ascent courses has made me more aware of my norms and to be mindful of others. It has given me the confidence I need to take pause and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses for continuous growth, to be intentional in my interactions with others to get the best results and empowered to lead the way.  I am truly thankful to work for a company that invests so much into their employees development."  

Collin Doherty | Corporate Recruiter - Accounting &  Finance                                    

On the Leadership Essentials Program

"In attending Leaderships Essentials, I gained a great knowledge base and tools on how to communicate with co-workers, how to communicate to my employees and managers, and I also learned even more about myself as a person and a leader. This program has really opened my eyes to how different everyone around me can be and how my interactions can effect relationships and productivity at work.  Leadership Essentials was a great way to meet employees from all over the Company including here in the Corporate Office. Through your journey with LE, you begin to understand different viewpoints and how other departments function and the challenges they face. Overall LE has been extremely beneficial and has aligned my expectations as a leader to the Vail Resorts core values."

Andrew Lallman | Call Center Manager -Rentskis.com/Skirentals.com/Rentbikes.org

 On the Leadership Essentials Program

The Leadership Development courses have been invaluable, not only for my work life but my personal life as well. I started the courses as a hardworking individual with good but not great interpersonal skills as a leader. Tackling projects and seeking solutions on my own was always the easy route. However, situations arose and my team was not prepared because my mindset for the group was that I would be the best option to complete the projects. My favorite [Leadership Essentials] course titled 'Manage Expectations On Your Team' discusses how to apply a shift to this mindset. I highly recommend signing up for any of the leadership classes to help you develop into the leader you can be.” 

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