Austin Longacre

Dept: Guest Services

Nominated By: Dan Deemer & Robert Faryan

#1 Being tasked with erecting a Christmas Tree, Austin (on his first day of employment) took the initiative to create a beautiful Kirkwood "K" logo for the top of our tree in the main village. Austin took this initiative on his own time, and own materials using his father’s workshop. This small personal investment is testament to his dedication and passion to Kirkwood. This K will adorn Christmas trees in the main village for years to come.

#2 Before the holidays, Dan (our fearless leader) got the team together to put up a Christmas Tree in the plaza.  The night before the tree was to be erected in the plaza, Austin designed and constructed a Kirkwood Logo "star" for our tree.  It is well made, he did it on his own time, and did it with the purpose of making our plaza look more awesome.

Carissa Bisnar

Dept: Talent Development

Nominated By: Emily Davis

Carissa was grocery shopping when she saw a group of J1s stranded at the bus stop with their groceries trying to figure out how to get them home. Carissa volunteered to drive them home saving them a ton of headaches and making sure they got home safely. This is an amazing example of Epic Service for an employee off the clock. Thank you for all you do!

Scott McCullers

Dept: Lodging

Nominated By:

Without anyone asking him to, Scott found some old Christmas stockings in storage, labeled each one with the names of everyone (12 in total) in the front desk office, hung them neatly around our office & spent his own money to fill each one with chocolate, candy, hot cocoa, candy canes and all sort of little treasures.  For our holiday dinner party, Scott also volunteered to plan the entire menu and cook everything. From 8am - 5pm he cooked 2 turkeys, a ham, and many amazing side dishes.  The food at our holiday party has never been better. Scott provided Epic service to the Lodging team by making the holiday experience absolutely awesome.  Thanks Scott!!

Nathalia Ferreira

Dept: Parking

Nominated by: Stephanie Padilla

On 1/5/2017, I was at TC when I witnessed a 3 year old running towards a moving vehicle near the bus drop off. Nathalia, a parking attendant, was trying to keep the area clear of vehicles so that families and buses could pass safely when she immediately put her arm out to block the girl’s path and keep her away from harm, all the while doing so gently as to not scare the child. Nathalia *literally* saved the child, and the passing van was too tall to see the small girl. My absolute admiration goes out to Nathalia for being so observant and concerned about others well-being!



Dept: Lifts

Nominated by: Michael Hawkins & Reid Devine

#1 Ricky Gray, on Dec 17th, happened to notice a person on the top of chair 6 in an unfortunate situation.  The day was windy with winds sustaining between 40 and 50 mph.  He noticed on his way to the edge of the cornice that some people were struggling to get to the edge.  One person in particular was struggling - a snowboarder was being pushed to the edge, as he recalls it, "like a rolly polly".  Ricky then unstrapped from his bindings and ran to the edge to help.  By the time Ricky got there, the snowboarder was face down, head first over the edge of the run.  Ricky quickly grabbed the snowboarder's board and helped him get upright once again.  The snowboarder thanked him and was able to ride down after that.

#2 Elliot Fanjul notified Lift Operations management that he witnessed Rick Gray asking how to get his discount lift ticket vouchers. Ricky gave away his 50% off employee discount tickets to a guest who didn't have enough money to stay another day to ski.