Martin Luther King Weekend Employee Parking & Carpool Incentives!

In anticipation of a great MLK weekend, we will be in the “Peak Day” parking plan for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Please be sure to find the right lot for you. I have included a map to help clarify where we would like for you to park.

If you would like to make some extra money on Sunday January 14th,  we are offering to pay employees for parking at Schneider camp. If this works, we will be using this plan on all days we would anticipate maximum volume.

  • You will need to be signed up for the carpool incentive by visiting the Employee Center.
  • Shuttles will depart the Schneider Camp lot every 20 minutes on Saturday evening from 4:00pm-7:00pm to assist employees living on mountain in parking their cars in the Schneider camp.
  • Shuttles will depart the Schneider Camp every 15 minutes on Sunday morning to bring commuters into the valley from 6:30am-8:30am.
  • Shuttles will leave The Lodge porte cochere every 20 minutes on Sunday evening to take employees back to their cars from 4:00pm-7:00pm.

Security with record the license plates and parking stickers for all cars parked in the Schneider camp lot between 8:30 on Sunday. The driver of the vehicle will be paid $20 for participating after turning in the “carpool form” to the employee center.

Thank you for your efforts in getting prepared for this weekend and allowing us to share our mountain with as many guests as possible!